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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week Two

hello everyone. I have a favorite quote it is "if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten".. one of my teachers said it when i was in class.. i am doing great here in the MTC. i have six days left until i go down to california. i leave tuesday june 29th at 8 am. sister robinette and i get to fly out together. i would like to tell you more about my district. one of the elders name elder bennett ran into a pole. he had a big headack and a red forhead all day long.. in sister mann's class we were asking one elder tons of questions to show how the people that we are teaching might feel like.. he got all his words mixed around and when he was asked what he did for fun he said "oh i sleep around" this elder is named elder everitt.. he reminds me of my dad and i don't think he has ever in his whole life said anything bad.. it was so funny we couldn't stop laughing and he turned so red.. one time this week at lunch our zone leader was trying to make the elders in my district believe chocolate milk is the bes in the world.. as elder buchanan (our zone leader) was going back to his set with his chocolate milk in hand he hit into elder alexander and dumped the whole cup of chocolate milk down elder alexanders back.. it was so funny.. elder alexander just sat there for a second.. he said he was hoping it all was a dream and he would soon wake up.. i couldn't stop laughing.. in one of the activites in class we were reading or teaching something to our companion then asking questions to dig deeper.. i reading and talked about the atonement.. as i was asking sister robinette more and more questions the spirit of the lord answered a question she had been wondering about for a long time.. i know that it is not me who does the teaching.. the only real teach is the holy ghost.. another time we were about to go teach some other elders not in our district and we prayed together to see what we should teach about.. after we prayed together we both looked in our own scriptures to see what we could find.. we both had the same idea with out talking about it.. we had both found scripture on faith in different places.. it was amazing the lord know each of us and he know our needs.. he know what we need to hear and when we need to hear it.. i has having a hard time with commiting people to be baptized after just one lesson.. in one of my classes we sang HYMN number 335 " let the lower lights be burning, send a gleam across teh wave.. some poor fainting, strugging sea men you may rescue, you may save" once we sang that song i understand that i needed to be the light how saves teh sea man.. i needed to bring people unto christ by inviting them to be baptized into the one and only true church of god.. I'll end with a funny story.. two elders were teaching elder snow and elder bennett and had them turn to proverbs 5:3 " for the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smother than oil" haha that is not what they wanted them to turn to.. they wanted them to turn to proverbs 3:5.. i love you all and keep my in your prayers.. Keep writing and I will write you back when i get time.. thanks for all the love and support.. love sister amanda christine lusk

Her first day of the MTC

The first day of her being in the mtc she saw the Woodburys. They are a couple missionaries from our ward. What a small world!

Last hugs!

Saying Goodbye!!!

Dropping her off

Getting the suitcases out of the car

The Day of The M.T.C.

This is Amanda's last coke before she goes and us waiting in Brittani's apartment.

We went to the state capital and they let us in! I couldn't believe that it was that easy to get in! We took pictures like here are just a few.

Going to the Zoo

We went to the Hoogle Zoo in Salt Lake!!!

Today we Leave for Salt Lake

Today we leave for Provo. Before we drop here off we want to see some sights, so I hope I get some pictures to post!!!

Our last family vacation to Zions

Amanda wanted to go to Zions National Park one last time as a family. It was tons of fun and a great idea to spend time with each other before she leaves

The ENDLESS Shopping Vortex...

After Amanda graduated we realized how little time we had until she left. We realized that there was a lot of check lists that we needed to go through. One of which was the shopping list. We needed modest skirts, low key shirts, and shoes that were comfortable, sturdy, looked good, and in a size 5. Lets just say it was a very long week. Poor Zak got stuck going with us to store after store. We finally found all that was needed. It was a fun adventure!

Amanda graduating with her associate degree before leaving!!!!