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Monday, January 3, 2011

We Talked to Her!!!!!!!

Hey y'all,
This is Zak, Amanda's little brother :) So on Christmas we all got to talk to Sister Lusk!! She sounded amazing!!!!!! We were in Memphis so she had to call my grandma's house, but we put her on speaker with Brittani in Provo. She said that she loves mail and packages!!! Her address is still the same, so SEND HER SOMETHING!!! She thanks everyone for all that they have done.

I am really happy that i have Amanda to look up to. I love her and hope that she has a great new year!!!




Christmas eve the Pinson family invited us to have a big fire with food and singing. It was amazing. I loved just being able to listen to everyone else talk. We got to sing and sing and sing. It was wonderful. The Pinson family gave us gifts. It had warm clothes with some pens, note cards, sticky notes, and other missionary stuff. I loved it. We felt like home :) Christmas morning we watch Sister Black's two young kids open up their Christmas gifts. Her little girl said' "This time I got what I wanted" I forgot how excited little kids get to open up gifts. We all need to become like little children. We need to be excited over the simple joys of life. We spent the rest of the day at Sister Donaldson's house. She invited her family, friends, and everyone over to have Christmas lunch/dinner. It was fun. We got to share the Christmas light with non-members. We opened our gifts over at the Donaldson's house. I got to call home. For some reason I thought that everything would have stopped because Sister Lusk(aka ME) was not there... however life still goes on with out me. I know that I am where I need to be. I will jump back into "real life" faster then I know. This Christmas I was not with my family, however I got some much from everyone that it was one of my best Christmas ever. Kailey E. PJ, my Grandparents, my older sister Brittani, Glenn, and many many more people gave me gifts that made my whole Christmas day. Christ gave us the greatest gift, he gave us his life. I love him for that.
2 Nephi 7:6-7
"I gave my back to the smiter, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair. I hid not my face from shame and spitting"
"For the Lord God will help me, therefore shall I not be confounded. Therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know I shall not be ashamed"

I am nothing. I will just give my life over to the Lord. I love training Sister Jacobson. She is really nice. She was already a missionary before she came out here. I am just leading her along. She came trained. Sister Phillips is loving Temecula. It is weird to be in a three-some. Think of what you might do with three missionaries are knocking at your door.... Yeah it is weird. However we are lead by the spirit more. We have heaven sent questions with testimonies to back them up. It is great.

We met with Carole and Ron. Carole had some good questions about why we have Christmas on December 25th and not on April 6th with Christ was born. We asked Bishop Pinson then went back to answer her question. We love answering questions... Well I love answering questions. That is how the Lord helps us lean and grow. We have to ask then find out for ourselves what we believe and know. Just like Joseph Smith did. He had a question then asked God to know the answer. If we really want to know and ask we will get an answer.

Yesterday we were tracking... I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! We haven't been able to go out at the start of the week because it was raining so hard. We were talking to everyone we could see. One man talked to us for awhile. We left him with a pamphlet then went to the next house. Sister Jacobson kept thinking we should have left him a Book of Mormon. So... you guessed it... we walked back over to his house and gave him that Book of Mormon. I believe that the Lord know the hearts of his children. We need to always follow the spirit and just do it. One day maybe he will read it or it will fall into the hands of someone else. I just know we did our part.

Thank you to everyone that made my Christmas great. I love you all. I am doing wonderful. I love my mission. I love my companions. I love Temecula.

From Sister Amanda Lusk

December, 13th 2010


TRANSFERS... Saturday morning I got the wonderful phone call about transfers. I am staying in Temecula for Christmas! Sister Phillips and I should be here another transfer. However I am going to be training a missionary straight from the MTC. I will go down to Riverside on Wednesday to pick her up. All three of us will be working together in the Temecua Ward. I am going to get team ups for the evenings. I am a little scaried and excited. I have only been out six months and I am training. Sister Phillips will be able to help me out. She have everything set up for Christmas. The Pinson family is having a big get together on Christmas eve that we are invited to go to. On Christmas day Sister Donaldson has invite us over to eat and open gifts with her family. We will have to move out the week of Christmas. Sister Black, one of our ward mission leaders, is letting us stay with her that week. It should be a great Christmas. Sister Phillips has gotten many gifts already. It is so fun to watch her open a package to find a gift inside. She face lights up and she starts laughing and telling me how excited she is haha she is like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Michelle moved. She put her house on the market within three days it was sold. Seh texted us to tell us she was too busy for new religion stuff right now. We stopped by to talk with her more to find out she was moving. We were about to go over two different days to help her move. She was very glad to have our help. We got her address to give to the Elders in her new town. She is still looking into the gospel. She really does want it in her life. I am excited to know that she will still be looking into the church.

Chelsi didn't show up for our appointments this week. We texted her about church on Sunday... She told us that she doesn't have the time right now for religion. Her sister having health problems. I know that one day she will take all of the missionary lessons and be baptized. It will just take time. I really enjoyed teaching her.

We were out to lunch with a less-active person in from the ward. This less-active doesn't believe that there is a God and knows that she needs faith. Out of no where this lady that had just got done eating with her family places her hands on my back and looks our less-active right in the eyes and saids, "The Church is true! I just know it!" Sister Phillips and I didn't know what to do. We thought our less-active was going to jump right our of her set and hit this lady in the face. However our less-active just said that she doesn't believe that same way the other lady did. It could have gotten bad.

I am doing great. I was just in wal-mart pushing my cart. I never can keep my eyes off of all the great things to look at. I wasn't watching where I was going... I ran right into a few boxes that didn't move. The cart hit me so hard in the ribs. haha I will be watching where I am going from now on because my ribs still hurt. Merry Christmas to everyone. It was been a warm week here in Temecula. One day it got up to 88

Love Sister Amanda Lusk

Happy Thanksgiving!! 11/29/10

Happy After Thanksgiving,

Yes- if you were wondering missionary work still goes on through the bussy months of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We ate a little at everyones house that we went to. It was funny everyone loves to feed us. We played many games with different families and shared spiritual thoughts. We ate at the Kayls, Donaldsons, Cates, and Dernbach. We had a wonderful day with saying everything we are thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful family and companion.

I have a new friends Heidi. She is the best. Our home was cool this week. We weren't living in Sister Donaldson's place because she had family staying with her. We didn't understand how blessed we were to have a warm home and a hot showers until we didn't have them anymore. I have been trying harder to see all the blessings that the Lord has given me and Sister Phillips. We have a car and don't have to worry about anything. It was a little rainy this week and we didn't want to track in the rain, but when we thought off all the blessings we have. By the way it didn't rain the whole time we were out tracking. We are truly blessed more then we can see. "Count your many blessing, name them one by one" Funny story... As you read this thing of me laughing... We tracked into this man who was drinking as he opened the door. Once he notices we were missionaries he didn't know what to do with his hand that was holding his beer. He started to talk to us as he held the door open with one hand and the beer pushed up against the wall in the other. When we left we handed him a pass along card... you guessed it he didn't know what to do let go off the beer of the door. It was funny.

One night we pulled in to our home and we were so tired. We didn't our miles stuff and went to walk into the house. hahaha I had parked one house over and we almost walk into the wrong house. Sister Phillips had to back me up and we reparked infront to the right house. It was funny.

We have been teaching many of the ward families. It is amazing how excited they get to see the missionaries. I love hearing them yell out "SISTERS SISTERS" I have been not letting Sister Phillips say much in the lessons. I get so excited and I love teaching. So this week I have been trying my hardest to let her have some of the lesson. How can the Holy Ghost lead the lesson if I don't let anyone else have a part of the lesson. I am doing great. I love all the Christmas lights that are starting to pop up. Christmas is coming fast. I love you all.


11/15/10 :)

Hello Once Again :)

Thursday night Sister Iwamoto and I got a phone call from President Reeves... Sister Iwamoto got sent to Moreno Valley and I now have a new companion named Sister Phillips. Sister Phillips came out a little while after I did. She is also from Utah. She is from Sandy Utah. She runs!!!!! We have been getting along great. She is so nice and willing to do anything that pops into my mind. We have taught a few lessons together and they have gone well. It was hard to say good bye to Sister Iwamoto, but I believe that the Lord does everything for a reason. Everyone will grow and learn from this. I am greatful I got to stay in Temecula. I love the ward here and I have been loving showing Sister Phillips around. Sister Phillips has a GPS. Now that I can get us around she has one haha don't worry I know we will need it. I still get lose sometimes.

Kaylie set a date to be baptized, but we are going to need to change it again. The stake building is being use on that weekend. Maricel is doing well. She was sad to see Sister Iwamoto go, but is still willing to have sister missionaries over. She wants to get baptized so bad. She just cannot right now because of her the way she is living. She doesn't have any money to more out and wants to marry her boyfriend one day. Carole hasn't gotten any new questions lately. We did have a really good set down lesson with her and Ron. It was short and it was just about prayer and how we can knew that our prayers are answered. Ryan and Julianne had us over that other night. Sister Donaldson came. We had a great talk about the Restoration. They haven't read any of the things we left them. We were bold with them. We told them that if they want to know if it is true or not they are going to have to pray about it. There is no other way to find out until they read and pray. God is the one that gives us the answers we need in life. We just need to ask him. Michelle has some books on Joseph Smith. I haven't heard back from her yet on what she thought about them. I hope she understands that she can know all things through pray and the world is not always right about religion things.

Tessa and her family. Last night Sister Phillips and I stopped in at Tessa's house. It worked out just right. Justin answered the door. He let us in, but he wanted to watch his basketball game. We told him that we wouldn't take up more then a few minutes of his time. He turned down the sound. We started with a prayer. I went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I had a fun object lesson and Tessa made all her kids sit and watch. They loved it. We left them with a video to watch and something to read. Justin said the closing prayer. Once it was all done no one wanted us to leave. It was great. We left when the spirit was high. I hope that Justin will want us to come back, so he can feel that same spirit again. I know the Lord loves that family.

Dane... We didn't met Dane at his house this week. We met him somewhere else. We to told him we would be fine meeting at his house, but he said he had homework to do anyways. We were about to teach him more. I believe that everyone need to be ready and have an open mind to understand and take in the gospel. One day Dane will, but for now he needs to read and pray about the things he has learned. The spirit can do anything.

We can text message now. Yes you heard me right... :) It has worked out amazing. We have been able to text people and set up appointments. Most people answer a text. No one answers a voicemail. I am doing great. I love my mission. Temecula is amazing.

Love Sister Amanda Lusk

Still in TEMECULA!!! - 11/8/10


I am so happy to be serving the Lord in Temecula California. This week was great. We got to see many great people. Michelle is doing a college paper on Joseph Smith. It will be fun to see what she finds out and what questions she will have. I am so loved. My home ward sent me a wonderful package :) I loved it. I loved all of it. It made me feel so loved. I got to share some of the treats with the Elders they love it. My parents send me a camera. I have been going picture crazy for the last few days. We did yard work on Saturday for Serve. I am not a yard work kind of person. I rather make lunch or drink for the yard workers. BUT I know that I love the member and the Lord. My little brother Zak is right "God wants us to be happy" I might have not quoted that right, but it is close. I was happy not because I was doing yard work. I was happy to serve others.

One investigator name Dane is trying to change is life around. She doesn't understand why we need do good works to return to live with Heavenly Father. He believe that the Atonement is all we need. He believe that we don't need to repent every day and try to live a Christ like life. It is was hard teaching me because one of the guys he is living with is a minister and started talking with us. Wow oh wow it was the first time in my life that someone has told me that I am going to HELL. I cannot believe that someone would tell me that. Come on I am Sister Lusk. Dane's friends was worried for our souls. It was nice of him to worry, but I think she need to read and pray about the bible and book of Mormon again. I was able to learn from him. I learn that everyone has their own beliefs and we cannot change them. The Lord is the only one that can do that and the Lord does that through prayer. I learned that people get blinded by little things or read scriptures and understand them many ways. I learned that I know this church is true and that everyone can learn that for themselves if they have an open mind and heart. I learned that everything needs a foundation. Dane still wants to learn more, but has a lot of facts or ideas but doesn't know where to start. Everything starts with faith then you can build on that faith.

Funny story... Sister Iwamoto and I had gotten ID cloths to take to the ID Pod at the church. We tried dropping it off, but it was locked. I wanted to just leave the cloths there. It is ID stuff so if someone takes it or it gets some sun it would be okay. Sister Iwamoto didn't want to leave it because it might rain. I laughed at her when she said that BECAUSE I couldn't see any signs of rain in the sunny sky. We didn't leave the ID stuff because I listened to my companion. We went to an appointment and when we came out it was windy and looked like it was going to rain. I couldn't believe it. The weather had changed so fast. I couldn't believe it. Good thing I listened to my companion. I learned and we all can learn from this story to listen to others. It might sound like a weird of lame idea, but that idea just might end up being right.
Sad Story Porferio and Consuelo dropped us. When we called to make sure it was still okay to meet with them they said that they didn't want to meet with us anymore and we could take back the book of Mormon. Don't worry we left the book of Mormon with them. We did talk to them. They didn't understand. I think it is because they are meeting with missionaries of a different faith along with meeting with us. One day I hope they look over and see their book of Mormon and start reading it again. They at least have one and know a little about the church. All in good time... The Lords Time.

I am doing great. I know that Temecual will see baptisms. I have faith that the Lord loves each of his children. He want them all to return unto him. Baptisms are just number and who really tells the truth about who many they got on there mission anyways haha I am just kidding. I love it here. I have a great ward. I have a wonder family and I have great friend that support me. Thank you to everyone that has written me. I love letters and I love hearing about every ones lives.



Happy day after Halloween :0

Yesterday night was my first real transfer calls… I was going out of my mind. I really love Temecula and I have been here awhile. I love the member and love working hard. All day I was think about where I could be going and how much I love working with Sister Iwamoto. I have Sister Donaldson who is like my mom on my mission. She is the lady we are living with. She loves spending time with us at breakfast and before we head off to bed. We spend Halloween night with her playing games. After awhile of just thinking about me… I new that I was living because all day and all week I was just thinking about myself. I am just a missionary other missionaries can take my place. It is not up to me it is up to the Lord. 10PM rolls around Saturday night and I am going crazy. Elder Blackett calls and asks Sister Iwamoto to hand me the phone. Right off I told him that I don’t really want to go. He said, “Sister Lusk you are going to… YOUR STAYING” at first I was like what?? I am lost. Then he told both of us that we are STAYING IN TEMECULA I was so happy. Sister Donaldson has waiting up down stair for the phone call. It would have been hard on her to have one of us move out because we have re-placed her kids while they are out at college. I know the day will come when we leave, but for right now I know this is right. I know that God loves me and wants me in Temecula for another six weeks. I am so excited to do more missionary work in Temecula. "... no unhallowed hand can stop [Sister Iwamoto and Sister Lusk] from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame. But the truth of God will go forth..." Let me teach everyone who is in the sound my teaching. I want everyone to come up to Christ :)

For Halloween Sister Iwamoto and I got tries from the Elders and we wear them to the ward activate. It was fun to take picture with the ward members all dressed up. I love my ward. It is the best ward in the world. On Sunday everyone was asking if we got to serve in Temecula one more week. Sister Cate started crying when we told her we get to stay (happy cry). The ward has grown to trust us and love us. It is my first area so I don't think I will ever forget this ward. We are teaching a lot of the families. We make sure we try to get as many of them as we can to be missionaries themselves. We tell them to get their friends to take the missionary lessons.

NEW INVESTIGATOR- Her name is Michelle. She is a wonderful mother and loves the Lord. She is living her life like a Mormon already for the most part. She grow up Catholic and calls herself a Christian now. She has great faith in Jesus Christ. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and go over the Restoration. The spirit in her home was amazing. I know for a fast that the home is where the family is the strongest. All of you who have a family make sure your home is a place where your kids can find peace.

ANOTHER NEW INVESTIGATOR- Ryan and his wife Julleann. Both are wonderful marines. Julleann is now a full time mother to her two year old daughter. Ryan is still going strong in the marines. Both come from different background of religion, but what to better now God and have one religion they can take Molly too. Molly is so cute. She took off my shoes and put them by the front door where the other shoes where. At least she knows one thing... where the shoes go haha

We had a wonderful sit down lesson with Tessa and Justin. Both of them sat down and listen to us stay something. Really I don't remember what we said. I just remember that we started with a pray to bring in the spirit and when we left Justin said the closing prayer. The Lord has blessed me so much. Missionaries are so blessed my the Lord. The Lord lets us have everything. If we are doing what is right the Lord blesses us. I love being a missionary. I know that I am in the right place with a family that loves me. I go the cutes pictures from my little sister this week. I also got a letter from my parents. Thank you to everyone. You guys are the best. Brittani you look great. I got your picture. You are going to be a wonderful Mother. :)



Hello everyone :)

This morning the coolest thing happened. Sister Iwamoto tried calling someone to see if we could still go see her today. When she called the lady didn't answer. Sister Iwamoto set the phone down and said, "I'll pray and hope for a miracle". When she finished her pray the phone rang. Yes you guessed it. The lady was calling us back. That was our miracle for today. We see mircales everyday.

We have been seeing a lot of people. We get home at nine every night and by the time 10:30 comes around we are die asleep. The Lord is really working us hard. It got so hot here. It was around 106. We had to go tracking on Friday and Saturday to meet our goal of tracking seven hours. We tried tracking in the morning and it was too hot. We tried in the after noon and it was still too hot, but we did it anyways. By the time we got to our dinner appiontment we laid down and had some cold water. It was crazy. My family is amazing and sent me another package. My favorite so far has been the Indulgent Trail Mix I think. I am looking forward to what I might get next. Thank you guys so much. You are the reason I can get through the hard times. I look forward from hearing to all of you :) Thank you for all the letter and packages. I love them all so much. :)

Last Sunday that young boy Ben walked into our ward building he didn't show up for our appiontment on Tuesday. I do know that he did learn that the LDS people are nice and he can always turn to the church for help. I don't think I'll ever know what happened with him, but I do know that he is loved by God and God is looking out for him.

Adam, his girl friend Claudia, and their friend Dustin are amanzing. We tracked into them one day and we have taught all of them about three times now. It is amazing. Adam seemed to be the most into meeting and learning with us. Adam and Claudia are out of high school and maybe living together. Claudia said that her grandma and mother told her to find a church that believes in christ and get baptized into that church. Adam knows a lot about the bible. He always has good questions to ask. He believe everything we have taught him so far. Both of them want to be in this together. Dustin is just hanging around to be with his friends. He doesn't want to much to do with us. It is almost like we are un cool in is 16 year old eyes or something. We were able to give each of them a book of mormon to read. Claudia said the prayer to end up our last visit. Wow it was the most wonderful prayer. She prayed like all of us should pray, from her heart. She really wants to know if this is the true church of God. It is Claudia it is!!!

Another person we tracked into is named Jasmine. Her husband is anatheist, but doesn't mind her meeting with us. He said she can believe in God and go to church he just doesn't want to do it with her. She is really open about religion. She has a bible, however she has never read from it. She is more into the churchs with the live bands. She want to bring her kids up with some kind of faith in Christ. We told her about family night and praying has a family. The reason why she let us into her house is really cool. He husband send an email to one of his work friends. I guess it has some things in the email that were not really something anyone she be looking at. His friends was LDS and took him nicely not to seen things like that to him it goes against what he believes to look at things like that. The example of a ward member standing up for what he believes. Every member should stand up for the standerds of the church you never know who is watching.

We were able to meet with Melissa. I tracked into her with sister Newam( who is doing great in Provo). Melissa and her two kids have a heart dissease. She has turned to Christ through her hard times. It took her awhile to really just give her life up to the Lord. She has truly put her put her trust in the Lord. We are going back in two weeks to have some sit down lessons with her. So far we have just talked about how wonderful God and Jesus Christ are and how they bless us. Oh and how the Lord will never give us something we cannot handle. The Lord know each one of us. He understands our weakness and he does give us weakness to make us stronger. He put us her in families to streghten each other. Guess what happened... Melissa's little daughter who is about six years old asked sister Iwamoto and I if we are "liking each other." You know liking liking each other hahaha. We had to explain to her that we are best friends and we like guys. Marrage should between a man and a woman is how it should be. I wonder what little kids are learning from friends and TV this days. Her mom would have never taught her that.

We got to teach Colby again. It was hard to find some where to teach him because we are now livng in Sister Donaldson's house. Mission rules say we cannot teach anyone is our homes. We met him at the church building. We couldn't go inside because we didn't have another woman with us. Sister missionaries cannot be alone with any males and Colby is are same age. We did try, but we couldn't get anyone to come with us. It still worked out great. We sat in the grass under a tree. We didn't know the grass was wet until we all walked away with wet back sides haha he has read the book of mormon a few times and had some questions about a few things. Good thing I have been through years of scritpure classes. I was able to answer some of his questions with the help of the holy ghost. He talked about Christ baptism and he understands the priesthood power and how we should be baptized. He knows that how he was baptized was not the right way. He knows that his church has the priesthood and the right way to baptize. He says that he hasn't gotten answer that the book of mormon is true or that this church is the only true church. He cannot understand how their can be only one true church. He has felt the spirit and loves listening to us. I know that in time he will be baptized. I do know this the Lord has help me see that through feelings that I have felt as I pray about how and what to teach him.

Sister Amanda Lusk

This is a picture of Brother and Sister De Gesu. He is 6'9" crazy huh I love you! :) I am doing wonderful.

Hello to the outside world :)

D&C 123:17 "Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed" I can do anything cheerfully because I have a wonderful family who keeps sending me wonderful packages. I love the Lord and I am blessed to be a missionary :)

I got to visit with one of the less-active woman in the ward. Her name is Sister Lumblade. Her and her husband met at a bar haha he became a member and they got married. One year latter they got married in the Temple. He is know across the sea fighting for our country. She stopped going to church shortly after he left. That is where I came in as a missionary :D we stopped by and guess what... she is now coming to church. She understands that going to church is where she feels the Lords love for her. Once we put the Lord first in our lives everything else falls into place.

We had to drop someone this week. Her name is Twilla. She knows the church is true. She has had many missionaries come over to her house and she has many friends that are members. She lives the live of a Mormon and loves reading from the Book of Mormon. She just has one small problem. She believes in reincanation haha Don't ask me how you can believe in Resurrection and reincanation, but Twilla does. If anyone has any good ideas on that one please let me know. I am still trying to think through it. The more I have thought about it and read about it I believe she really has some other problem. Maybe she doesn't understand the Plan of Salvation or the Atonement...

I followed the spirit :) Well, I try to always haha One night we were visiting less active members and Madline Blakes name came to my mind. We told her we wouldn't visit her until next month. I couldn't just tell God no I don't think we should, so Sister Iwamoto and I stopped by. We got to her house when everyone in her family was about to eat dinner. However she really needed us to stop by and pray for her friend that was about to die. Her friend is really old and Sister Blake wanted us to pray that her friend would pass over to the other side in peace. The Lord truly does have a plan for us, we just need to listen to him.

We had lunch with a wonderful less active Jill Cobb. We are hoping she comes to church next week. We brought are friend Siter Dernback with us. They had some much to talk about. It worked out great. We were able to show her the Restoration DVD and share how we know that the church is true. I love hearing every ones testimonies. The Lord is so great.

The Cate family took us out to dinner at a fun place named Rickies. They are going to take us out to dinner every Wednesday night :) cool huh!! We are teaching their family as a WMP family. They love talking with me about the STG.

We taught Maricel again this week. We taught her the importance of following Christ example. We asked her if she wanted to get baptized. She said she is a sinner and couldn't be baptized. I haven't hear that one yet... But I am still a new missionary. Don't worry we explanned how baptism works. We are going to try to get her a baptism date on our next visit. I am excited to be able to say we have someone on date. I know that she is ready right now to change and follow chirst. We also meet a drunk man infront of her house that said we can come visit him at his house anytime. We are going to send the Elders over to his house. I really don't think it would be good to go see him(Well because I am a sister Missionary you know).

We invited Tessa's family to pray about getting baptized at the end of next month. All I can do is ask... I wish I could do more than just invite. I wish I could teach them so well that they could know. I try and the spirit is there talking to their heart. I just don't think they understand the importance of our church. We have the priesthood of God. We are the true church. Yes the people that go to church are wonderful, but it is the Lord's church that he set up. Their daughter is not happy with us right now. She thinks we are pushing her. We invited all of them to act that is not pushing. If missionaries could really push someone they would push them into the waters of baptism with their hands... only because we understand the importance of it for their salvation. We could push them to read and pray. I do love their family and one day I do believe they will understand everying. They did come to chuch again on Sunday. I was so happy. I love the Lord.

We moved into Sister Donaldson's house. Now when she gets home at night she is not just coming home to her dog Carter. We are watching him until she get back from taking her kids to college. I want to... I love that dog... I do know one thing I am not going to have a dog for a long time once I get off of my mission. We ran with him this morning and I believe it helped him not be so all over the place. I do love the house and have more than everything I need their.

On Sunday this 19 year old young man walked right into out church building from across the street and wanted religion in his life. He has a past, but is ready and willing to change is life. His name is Ben. I almost didn't know what to said to him because I was so happy to be able to teach him. Bro. Elkins helped him understand faith and how we have to act to show are faith. We are meeting with him on Tuesday. Yes he will be baptized. However when I don't know... He is not in our area. We are having him meet with the Elders. They are excited... not fair... I guess the church is still true even if I don't get to teach the people who get baptized. I am becoming a really go seed planter. Someone has to do it.

Love Sister Lusk