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Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 9th

Hello Friends and Family :)

"Father, behold over God is with us, and he will not suffer that we should
fall; then let us go forth, we would [teach teh word of God]" Alma 56:46

I took Sister Newman to the mission home Tuesday night and get a new
companion. My new companion is Sister Iwamoto. She is from the Philippines.
I love having her as a companion. She is slowly becoming a runner. It is
great. We have had amazing busy days. We get home at night and out bodies
as so tired. It is wonderful. I have been showing Sister Iwamoto the area. I
have not gotten to lost yet. Knock on wood!! The Lord has helped me remember
where places are and who people are and what they need to be taught. We got
a call Wednesday morning from a girl named Chelsea. Sister Newman and I gave
her a pass-a-long card one day when we were tracking. She was calling
because she wanted to talk more about the gospel :) Chelsea is 23 years old
and wanting peace in her live. She was taking lesson and understand that the
church can bring that peace she needs into her live. We met with her at the
church building and when went out to lunch with her. She feels just like we
have always been friends. I love spending time with her. She is the perfect
investigator. She goes out to lunch and dinner with us and writes down
questions that she has when she is reading. She always calls us when she
says she will. She wants to be baptized if she learns more and believes that
this is the true church. I know that she will find out that this gospel is
what has been missing in her life and she will be baptized.

Sister Donaldson went over with us to visit Sister Blake aka Madoline. We
had the spirit with us so strong. Sister Donaldson and Sister Blake had so
much in common with each other. The Lord was the only one that could have
known that it would work out so well if Sister Donaldson went with us.
Sister Blake didn't come to church on Sunday, but I know she feels welcome
in the ward and will come active in the church again when she is ready.

Sister Melinda Escoribo and my new wonderful companion had a fun talk in
Tagalog. It was amazing how the Lord works. I couldn't understand what they
were saying, but I could still follow the spirit and know the topic of what
they were talking about. Sister Escoribo wants another priesthood blessing.
The last one she got made it so she could sleep that night with out any
pain. She was crying as she told us the story. I am always amazed with the
power of God. We told her she can have another priesthood blessing after she
came to church. She thought that was a good idea. We are going to watch the
Restoration video with her next Saturday in Tagalog. I am excited. Listening
to the video will be fun :) She told us that she will come to church next
sunday. I believe she will.

Friday we tracked into a ton of ward members haha I am still new in the area
and don't know the members house yet. It worked out great. We got Sister
Black who just moved back into the ward to come to church on Sunday because
we tracked into her house. We also found a golden investigator named Anna.
She was so willing to talk with us. We shared with her the Restoration,
Joesph Smith's story and why it is so important that we have the Book of
Mormon. She was so open and believed everything we told her. Her two kids
loved having us over. I know she will keep reading and asking questions. I
know that Lord puts people in missionaries path that are ready to hear the
gophel of Jesus Christ.

Tessa and her family came to church on Sunday. We were able to teach Tessa
the Plan of Salvation this week. We sat on her floor and I let her daughter
play with my hair. I could feel God's love for her. As we laid out the plan
the Lord has for us she could find new understanding. She told us that it
made sence and it was like she had known it or that it was always the plan.
She is wonderful I love her family. Her daugher Samy reminds me of what
Trisha Green would have been like when she was in high school.

I am doing wonderful. I have a great area, companion, and ward. I could not
ask for anything better. Well... Selina... We have not been able to get a
hold of her. She is not their when we stop by and doesn't ask our phone
calls. She will come around.

Love your daughter Sister Amanda Lusk

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