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Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello Everyone :)

"I [Sister Amanda Christine Lusk] having been born of goodly parents [ken
and terri lusk], therefore i was taught somewhat in all the learning of my
father [to become a great missionary]... having been highly favored of the
Lord in all my days [because my amaszing wonderful family sends me great
packages that i love] yea; having had a great knowledge of the goodness and
mysteries of God, therefore i [have the best family in the whole wide world
and couldn't have asked for a better one]" 1 Nephi 1:1

I love being companions with Sister Iwamoto. I wish she lived in the US. We
talked with this lady who was not happy that we wanted to get her LA husband
back into the church. Once we were done Sister Iwamoto said, " She most of
been speaking a read between the lines kind of English" hahaha I just love
her. We have become amazing runners. We ran a 3.3 mile run this morning.

I met another amazing family in the Temecula ward. It is the Berardini
family. They are about 23 years old with a one year old baby. I am always
needing to us the bathroom haha so one day we were making our visits around
and I really needed to go... I remember how nice sister Berardini was in RS
and stopped in to use her bathroom. We have seens that time gone over to
have dinner at their home. Brother Berardini has only been a member of the
church for about three years. He grow up having LDS friends. No one focused
him to take the missionary lessons they just were great examples to him and
explained gospel ideas to him when he would ask. One day the missionaries
knocked on his door and he was ready to hear the message of the gospel. It
is amazing what happens when you have good friends that keep their standers.

Teaching Colby has been going great. Lizzie leaves for college this week and
Colby said that we can keep teaching him about the gospel. He even went to
church on Sunday !!! We let him know why we are so willing to share with him
the gospel. We told him that we will let him know all about what we believe
and when he is ready and willing he can get baptized. At least he knows why
we are teaching him now. His testimony of Jesus Christ has grown so much. He
understands why we are here on Earth. So many people in the world don't have
that understanding. What do they think their purpose in life is???

We had a great ward activate in the park this week. Tessa's family came. We
were about to let Tessa know a little bet more why we are out on missions.
We haven't been able to sit down and talk with her this week. We did leave
her with a paper we make about pray. We hope she is moving forward. Her
family is pushing really hard against her. I know that Satan knows that this
church is true and that he is trying his hardest to stop the work from going
forward. This is the only true church. The only church that has the
priesthood of God and the only church that will help us get back to live
with our Heavenly Father again one day. It makes me so happy to know that I
know that and I can share that with others for 18 months.

We have two new people that we are teaching. One is Maricel Dorano Hiriz.
Yay for new investigators. She is 24 years old and is from Sister Iwamoto's
home town. Crazy huh. I know that is why Sister Iwamoto is serving here in
Temecula right now. Maricela is Filipine and was a referral from a member in
the Redhawk ward. Yay for referrals. Her friends name is Merlyn and knows
Sister Iwamoto's sister. What a small world. Yes if you were wondering I don
just listen to them talk because they don't talk in English when they are
all together. The spirit is still the same when the truth is being told in
different languages. The other new investigator is named Cindy. She was
being seen by other missionaries two years ago. We when by and she is ready
know to hear the gospel. I know this for a fact. First I couldn't stop
thinking about her street. Second sister Iwamoto and I were looking through
the dropped people and felt like we should stop by her house. Once we meet
with her two times and told her why we stopped by she said, "Well, I need to
go buy me a dress because the next Sunday I have off from work I am going to
church." wow huh... The Lord know each one of his children. He knows you and
me. And he knows Cindy and she is ready to learn his gospel. Both of these
investigators set return appointments. That is a good sign that they really
want what the Lord is letting me share with them.

I gave a talk on Sunday :) It went great. It was on Missionary Work. We are
pushing the Temecula Ward hard to do missionary work. It has been going
great. The ward is excited now lets hope I can do my part as the missionary.
Brittani wrote me and said that I might become an aunt in March. What I am
not old enough to be an aunt. People keep telling me that I look like I am
18 years old. hahaha I am way excited for her. She will make a wonderful
mother because she is already a wonderful wife. I got the best package in
the mail. My family is amazing. I love them so much. Wow I get everything I
need in the packages. "words are much too small and few... for all the
things I wish for [my family]. I love them very much. Thank you to everyone
who is writing me. I love all the pictures and letters. Thank you for all
the love and support. Sometimes missionary life gets hard, but when I get a
letter or package and it makes everything better. I know that I am loved.
Thank you.

Sister Amanda Christine Lusk

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