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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amanda is so Awesome

Hello Everyone :)

"Commune with the Lord. He is your best friend! He knows your pain because He was felt it for you already. He is ready to carry that burden. Trust Him enough to place it at His feet and allow Him to carry it for you. Then you can have your anguish replaced with His peace, in the very depths of your soul" Ensign Nov. 2006, 8.

The Lord is so wonderful and he has made people ready for the truth in their lives. Sister Newman tracked into a 18 year old girl named Selina before I got to Temecula. We have meet with her two times now :) We just got done talking with her and we asked her to be baptized... and she said YES :) we put her on date(that means we have a date that she is going to be baptized on). I am so excited that the Lord put her in our way that we can teach her about Jesus Christ.

This week we had Tessa and her family come to church. Tessa has been taking the lessons and coming out to church actives. Her family is so wonderful. When they walked through the doors at church I almost died. People tell us all the time that they will come to church, but most of them don't come. I welcomed them to church and the members did the rest. The Temecula ward is so great at fellowshipping. She was taken care of and everyone loved having her at church. We are going to ask Tessa and her family if they would like to be baptized. They are going to says YES :) They already have tons of friends that are in the ward. The Lord is so amazing and his hand is in all the work we do. I don't know what people do with out the knowledge of him. I guess that is where I come into play. I bring the gospel to those who know not where to find it.

Ron and Carole are two wonderful people. They are a dog that weighs more than I do. At first it scared me and I just smiled because I am a missionary haha now I just think of him as a big nice dog. Ron has been teaching Sister Newman and I how to make things out of wood. He teaches us as we teach him about the gospel. Ron is less active in the church and his wife Carole is a non-member. She wants to be baptized, but doesn't think she know enough and wants Ron to be a better example of a LDS member. I love them so much.

This week Sister Newman is going to Riverside to have a training meeting. That means I need a companion for the next four days haha Luck me Sister Robinette my MTC companion also needs a companion for four days while her companion goes to the training meeting. Sister Robinette is coming up to Temecula for four days to be my companion. I am excited and scared to drive around a new area. I am not to worried about teaching. I know the Lord will help me know what to say and what to do, but driving around haha I will let you know how that goes. Mosiah 27:36 "they [sister lusk and sister robinette] were [will be] instruments in the hands of God in bringing many to the knowledge of their Redeemer"

I am so glad the one of my bestest friends Glenn made me a copy of his Sponge Bob Plan of Salvation. We were able to use it as we taught a family that is already a member of the church. They have been taught the Plan of Salvation so many times. As we taught with the drawings of Sponge Bob they were able to be excited and not have the same old same old lesson. It was great! They loved it. I did get the six dollar check my parents sent to me! Do you know what that means... I will be able to send everything in and be able to drive :) I love getting packages and mail for everyone thank you so much for all the love and support.

Mom I love you and miss you too. I am glad I have wonderful parents that have shown me the way. I bet Rachel and Sarah loved fishing. I don't think that they have been fishing before. Dad it is hot out here too. It has been getting over 100 the last few days. It makes tracking less fun haha. Rachel I love the super missionary picture you made me. I love all of you. much love :)

Love Sister Amanda Christine Lusk

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