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Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Week seving the Lord!!!


somos missionares de la lalasia de jesu cristo de los santos de los ultimous
dias (i think that is how you write it)
We are the missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints

Another week has gone by. Time is flying by so fast. Sister Newman is a
wonderful trainer. I hope I am becoming a fun trainee. I am learning a lot
about missionary work. I help do the area book every night and everything ;)
One cool think that temecula is known for is its hot air balloons. When we
go running/walking every morning we get to see them up in the sky. They are
so beautiful. I was thinking the other day that the Lord must think I am
stronger than I believe that I am as a missionary. My trainer Sister Newman
leaves in August. That means I will have to step up my game so I will be
able to show another sister missionary my area. The area that I go trained
in, Temecula. I only know how to get home and to the two other church
buildings that are around my house. I am remembering a few more names of the
ward members every day. I know the name of the people we teach, but I am
lost when it comes to get to their homes. haha Well- with the Lord all
things can be done. I'll just keep praying for a companion that has a GPS
and a great mind for remembering names and faces :) For P-day we played
Dodgeball. It started out has a few Elders and I. When the game of
basketball ended (most of the Elders were playing basketball) those Elders
came over to play on our half court Dodgball game. It was crazy we had like
30 Elders and me playing half court Dodgeball. I thought someone was going
to die :] It was fun! We washed the car again today. It was looking pretty
drity. I find it funny that washing our car is where we find most of our joy
on P-days.

We had a new ward mission leader named Brother Elkins. He is great and I
believe that he will get the ward more excited about helping mission work
alone. I went to my first Multi Zone Meeting. It was great. I was picked to
recite my purpose. I was so scared I almost forgot the whole thing. Half way
thought the meeting I turned to Sister Newman and I had to go to the
bathroom way bad. It was funny because we were sitting in the front and in
Multi Zone there is never a good time to walk out. I did try to hold it, but
I have been drinking so much water. We had to walk out and run down the hall
to the little girls room. I will drink less water next time there is a
Multi Zone. Friday day Sister Newman and I were out tracking. We stopped at
one street and were about to start tracking. Before we got out we both
looked at each other and felt wrong about that street. We picked another
street to tracked( that was across our little area of Temecula). The first
door we knocked on was Julie. She opened the door and wanted to learn about
the church. We are going back to teach her this week. I am so excited to
teach her. I know that the Lord truly helps us to be lead by the spirit.
Saturday Sister Newman and I help a non-member family move into their new
home. She was so thankful for all the help form the ward. Her husband had
just been told he has cancer and he couldn't help her move. She didn't know
how she was going to be able to move in time. I was so glad we were about to
help her. She joked that she should become a member of our church :) we left
her with our number and told the Elders that are in her area to tract her
street. I have seen the Lord a ton in my life. This is truly the only true
church on the Earth. The Lord has blessed me so much. I am loving being a
missionary :) There is nothing better I could do in my life then to serve
the Lord.

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