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Friday, July 9, 2010

Her first letter from CALI!!!

Hello Everyone :)
EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!! don't send anymore mail to the old mission home
address. i will get that mail until oct., but it gets to me so slow. I have
a new mission home address please send my mail to it:
I missed my P-day beacuse in the MTC I had P-day on Wednesday, but out here
in California I have P-day on Mondays. Well- Happy 4th of July to everyone!
I am now serving in Temecula California. My companion is Sister Newman. she
is a temple square sister. that means she got her mission call to temple
square in salt lake, all of the missionaries that serve at temple square get
to have a second misssion call while they serve for three months, her second
mission call was to riverside california. she has been here for 12 weeks and
goes back to temple square august 3rd. she just hit her year mark when i
came out. she is 23 years old and is a great tranner. we get a phone adn a
car. we drive a 2010 corolla toyota that is firetruck red. she drives and i
hold the phone and pray that someone calls us haha :) we got to wash our car
and play ultmate on p-day with the elders of our district, it was tons of
fun. my p-day for the rest of my mission will be on mondays. i am living
with the eichelberger family. Yes- if you remember my friend teisha
eichelberger it is her aunt adn uncles. what a small little world. i am
loving living here. we are teaching a few different investigators. i am
loving temecula. the church members here are so strong and wonderful. tehy
help out with missionary work a ton. we wish they would they would help us
get some more referrals. we do get a few referrals from other places. the
members here feed us every night. i haven't made every many meals for
myself. it is great :)
Mom or Dad i nedd you to send me a six dallor check made out to Department
of Public Safety. i need it so i can send in my diver license request stuff
so i can drive in california. with out that six dallor check i cannot drive.
so PLEASE :) send me a six dallor check made out to Department of Public
Safety so i can drive thanks

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