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Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello everyone :)

This morning the coolest thing happened. Sister Iwamoto tried calling someone to see if we could still go see her today. When she called the lady didn't answer. Sister Iwamoto set the phone down and said, "I'll pray and hope for a miracle". When she finished her pray the phone rang. Yes you guessed it. The lady was calling us back. That was our miracle for today. We see mircales everyday.

We have been seeing a lot of people. We get home at nine every night and by the time 10:30 comes around we are die asleep. The Lord is really working us hard. It got so hot here. It was around 106. We had to go tracking on Friday and Saturday to meet our goal of tracking seven hours. We tried tracking in the morning and it was too hot. We tried in the after noon and it was still too hot, but we did it anyways. By the time we got to our dinner appiontment we laid down and had some cold water. It was crazy. My family is amazing and sent me another package. My favorite so far has been the Indulgent Trail Mix I think. I am looking forward to what I might get next. Thank you guys so much. You are the reason I can get through the hard times. I look forward from hearing to all of you :) Thank you for all the letter and packages. I love them all so much. :)

Last Sunday that young boy Ben walked into our ward building he didn't show up for our appiontment on Tuesday. I do know that he did learn that the LDS people are nice and he can always turn to the church for help. I don't think I'll ever know what happened with him, but I do know that he is loved by God and God is looking out for him.

Adam, his girl friend Claudia, and their friend Dustin are amanzing. We tracked into them one day and we have taught all of them about three times now. It is amazing. Adam seemed to be the most into meeting and learning with us. Adam and Claudia are out of high school and maybe living together. Claudia said that her grandma and mother told her to find a church that believes in christ and get baptized into that church. Adam knows a lot about the bible. He always has good questions to ask. He believe everything we have taught him so far. Both of them want to be in this together. Dustin is just hanging around to be with his friends. He doesn't want to much to do with us. It is almost like we are un cool in is 16 year old eyes or something. We were able to give each of them a book of mormon to read. Claudia said the prayer to end up our last visit. Wow it was the most wonderful prayer. She prayed like all of us should pray, from her heart. She really wants to know if this is the true church of God. It is Claudia it is!!!

Another person we tracked into is named Jasmine. Her husband is anatheist, but doesn't mind her meeting with us. He said she can believe in God and go to church he just doesn't want to do it with her. She is really open about religion. She has a bible, however she has never read from it. She is more into the churchs with the live bands. She want to bring her kids up with some kind of faith in Christ. We told her about family night and praying has a family. The reason why she let us into her house is really cool. He husband send an email to one of his work friends. I guess it has some things in the email that were not really something anyone she be looking at. His friends was LDS and took him nicely not to seen things like that to him it goes against what he believes to look at things like that. The example of a ward member standing up for what he believes. Every member should stand up for the standerds of the church you never know who is watching.

We were able to meet with Melissa. I tracked into her with sister Newam( who is doing great in Provo). Melissa and her two kids have a heart dissease. She has turned to Christ through her hard times. It took her awhile to really just give her life up to the Lord. She has truly put her put her trust in the Lord. We are going back in two weeks to have some sit down lessons with her. So far we have just talked about how wonderful God and Jesus Christ are and how they bless us. Oh and how the Lord will never give us something we cannot handle. The Lord know each one of us. He understands our weakness and he does give us weakness to make us stronger. He put us her in families to streghten each other. Guess what happened... Melissa's little daughter who is about six years old asked sister Iwamoto and I if we are "liking each other." You know liking liking each other hahaha. We had to explain to her that we are best friends and we like guys. Marrage should between a man and a woman is how it should be. I wonder what little kids are learning from friends and TV this days. Her mom would have never taught her that.

We got to teach Colby again. It was hard to find some where to teach him because we are now livng in Sister Donaldson's house. Mission rules say we cannot teach anyone is our homes. We met him at the church building. We couldn't go inside because we didn't have another woman with us. Sister missionaries cannot be alone with any males and Colby is are same age. We did try, but we couldn't get anyone to come with us. It still worked out great. We sat in the grass under a tree. We didn't know the grass was wet until we all walked away with wet back sides haha he has read the book of mormon a few times and had some questions about a few things. Good thing I have been through years of scritpure classes. I was able to answer some of his questions with the help of the holy ghost. He talked about Christ baptism and he understands the priesthood power and how we should be baptized. He knows that how he was baptized was not the right way. He knows that his church has the priesthood and the right way to baptize. He says that he hasn't gotten answer that the book of mormon is true or that this church is the only true church. He cannot understand how their can be only one true church. He has felt the spirit and loves listening to us. I know that in time he will be baptized. I do know this the Lord has help me see that through feelings that I have felt as I pray about how and what to teach him.

Sister Amanda Lusk

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