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Monday, January 3, 2011

11/15/10 :)

Hello Once Again :)

Thursday night Sister Iwamoto and I got a phone call from President Reeves... Sister Iwamoto got sent to Moreno Valley and I now have a new companion named Sister Phillips. Sister Phillips came out a little while after I did. She is also from Utah. She is from Sandy Utah. She runs!!!!! We have been getting along great. She is so nice and willing to do anything that pops into my mind. We have taught a few lessons together and they have gone well. It was hard to say good bye to Sister Iwamoto, but I believe that the Lord does everything for a reason. Everyone will grow and learn from this. I am greatful I got to stay in Temecula. I love the ward here and I have been loving showing Sister Phillips around. Sister Phillips has a GPS. Now that I can get us around she has one haha don't worry I know we will need it. I still get lose sometimes.

Kaylie set a date to be baptized, but we are going to need to change it again. The stake building is being use on that weekend. Maricel is doing well. She was sad to see Sister Iwamoto go, but is still willing to have sister missionaries over. She wants to get baptized so bad. She just cannot right now because of her the way she is living. She doesn't have any money to more out and wants to marry her boyfriend one day. Carole hasn't gotten any new questions lately. We did have a really good set down lesson with her and Ron. It was short and it was just about prayer and how we can knew that our prayers are answered. Ryan and Julianne had us over that other night. Sister Donaldson came. We had a great talk about the Restoration. They haven't read any of the things we left them. We were bold with them. We told them that if they want to know if it is true or not they are going to have to pray about it. There is no other way to find out until they read and pray. God is the one that gives us the answers we need in life. We just need to ask him. Michelle has some books on Joseph Smith. I haven't heard back from her yet on what she thought about them. I hope she understands that she can know all things through pray and the world is not always right about religion things.

Tessa and her family. Last night Sister Phillips and I stopped in at Tessa's house. It worked out just right. Justin answered the door. He let us in, but he wanted to watch his basketball game. We told him that we wouldn't take up more then a few minutes of his time. He turned down the sound. We started with a prayer. I went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I had a fun object lesson and Tessa made all her kids sit and watch. They loved it. We left them with a video to watch and something to read. Justin said the closing prayer. Once it was all done no one wanted us to leave. It was great. We left when the spirit was high. I hope that Justin will want us to come back, so he can feel that same spirit again. I know the Lord loves that family.

Dane... We didn't met Dane at his house this week. We met him somewhere else. We to told him we would be fine meeting at his house, but he said he had homework to do anyways. We were about to teach him more. I believe that everyone need to be ready and have an open mind to understand and take in the gospel. One day Dane will, but for now he needs to read and pray about the things he has learned. The spirit can do anything.

We can text message now. Yes you heard me right... :) It has worked out amazing. We have been able to text people and set up appointments. Most people answer a text. No one answers a voicemail. I am doing great. I love my mission. Temecula is amazing.

Love Sister Amanda Lusk

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