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Monday, January 3, 2011

December, 13th 2010


TRANSFERS... Saturday morning I got the wonderful phone call about transfers. I am staying in Temecula for Christmas! Sister Phillips and I should be here another transfer. However I am going to be training a missionary straight from the MTC. I will go down to Riverside on Wednesday to pick her up. All three of us will be working together in the Temecua Ward. I am going to get team ups for the evenings. I am a little scaried and excited. I have only been out six months and I am training. Sister Phillips will be able to help me out. She have everything set up for Christmas. The Pinson family is having a big get together on Christmas eve that we are invited to go to. On Christmas day Sister Donaldson has invite us over to eat and open gifts with her family. We will have to move out the week of Christmas. Sister Black, one of our ward mission leaders, is letting us stay with her that week. It should be a great Christmas. Sister Phillips has gotten many gifts already. It is so fun to watch her open a package to find a gift inside. She face lights up and she starts laughing and telling me how excited she is haha she is like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Michelle moved. She put her house on the market within three days it was sold. Seh texted us to tell us she was too busy for new religion stuff right now. We stopped by to talk with her more to find out she was moving. We were about to go over two different days to help her move. She was very glad to have our help. We got her address to give to the Elders in her new town. She is still looking into the gospel. She really does want it in her life. I am excited to know that she will still be looking into the church.

Chelsi didn't show up for our appointments this week. We texted her about church on Sunday... She told us that she doesn't have the time right now for religion. Her sister having health problems. I know that one day she will take all of the missionary lessons and be baptized. It will just take time. I really enjoyed teaching her.

We were out to lunch with a less-active person in from the ward. This less-active doesn't believe that there is a God and knows that she needs faith. Out of no where this lady that had just got done eating with her family places her hands on my back and looks our less-active right in the eyes and saids, "The Church is true! I just know it!" Sister Phillips and I didn't know what to do. We thought our less-active was going to jump right our of her set and hit this lady in the face. However our less-active just said that she doesn't believe that same way the other lady did. It could have gotten bad.

I am doing great. I was just in wal-mart pushing my cart. I never can keep my eyes off of all the great things to look at. I wasn't watching where I was going... I ran right into a few boxes that didn't move. The cart hit me so hard in the ribs. haha I will be watching where I am going from now on because my ribs still hurt. Merry Christmas to everyone. It was been a warm week here in Temecula. One day it got up to 88

Love Sister Amanda Lusk

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