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Monday, January 3, 2011

Still in TEMECULA!!! - 11/8/10


I am so happy to be serving the Lord in Temecula California. This week was great. We got to see many great people. Michelle is doing a college paper on Joseph Smith. It will be fun to see what she finds out and what questions she will have. I am so loved. My home ward sent me a wonderful package :) I loved it. I loved all of it. It made me feel so loved. I got to share some of the treats with the Elders they love it. My parents send me a camera. I have been going picture crazy for the last few days. We did yard work on Saturday for Serve. I am not a yard work kind of person. I rather make lunch or drink for the yard workers. BUT I know that I love the member and the Lord. My little brother Zak is right "God wants us to be happy" I might have not quoted that right, but it is close. I was happy not because I was doing yard work. I was happy to serve others.

One investigator name Dane is trying to change is life around. She doesn't understand why we need do good works to return to live with Heavenly Father. He believe that the Atonement is all we need. He believe that we don't need to repent every day and try to live a Christ like life. It is was hard teaching me because one of the guys he is living with is a minister and started talking with us. Wow oh wow it was the first time in my life that someone has told me that I am going to HELL. I cannot believe that someone would tell me that. Come on I am Sister Lusk. Dane's friends was worried for our souls. It was nice of him to worry, but I think she need to read and pray about the bible and book of Mormon again. I was able to learn from him. I learn that everyone has their own beliefs and we cannot change them. The Lord is the only one that can do that and the Lord does that through prayer. I learned that people get blinded by little things or read scriptures and understand them many ways. I learned that I know this church is true and that everyone can learn that for themselves if they have an open mind and heart. I learned that everything needs a foundation. Dane still wants to learn more, but has a lot of facts or ideas but doesn't know where to start. Everything starts with faith then you can build on that faith.

Funny story... Sister Iwamoto and I had gotten ID cloths to take to the ID Pod at the church. We tried dropping it off, but it was locked. I wanted to just leave the cloths there. It is ID stuff so if someone takes it or it gets some sun it would be okay. Sister Iwamoto didn't want to leave it because it might rain. I laughed at her when she said that BECAUSE I couldn't see any signs of rain in the sunny sky. We didn't leave the ID stuff because I listened to my companion. We went to an appointment and when we came out it was windy and looked like it was going to rain. I couldn't believe it. The weather had changed so fast. I couldn't believe it. Good thing I listened to my companion. I learned and we all can learn from this story to listen to others. It might sound like a weird of lame idea, but that idea just might end up being right.
Sad Story Porferio and Consuelo dropped us. When we called to make sure it was still okay to meet with them they said that they didn't want to meet with us anymore and we could take back the book of Mormon. Don't worry we left the book of Mormon with them. We did talk to them. They didn't understand. I think it is because they are meeting with missionaries of a different faith along with meeting with us. One day I hope they look over and see their book of Mormon and start reading it again. They at least have one and know a little about the church. All in good time... The Lords Time.

I am doing great. I know that Temecual will see baptisms. I have faith that the Lord loves each of his children. He want them all to return unto him. Baptisms are just number and who really tells the truth about who many they got on there mission anyways haha I am just kidding. I love it here. I have a great ward. I have a wonder family and I have great friend that support me. Thank you to everyone that has written me. I love letters and I love hearing about every ones lives.


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