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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello to the outside world :)

D&C 123:17 "Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed" I can do anything cheerfully because I have a wonderful family who keeps sending me wonderful packages. I love the Lord and I am blessed to be a missionary :)

I got to visit with one of the less-active woman in the ward. Her name is Sister Lumblade. Her and her husband met at a bar haha he became a member and they got married. One year latter they got married in the Temple. He is know across the sea fighting for our country. She stopped going to church shortly after he left. That is where I came in as a missionary :D we stopped by and guess what... she is now coming to church. She understands that going to church is where she feels the Lords love for her. Once we put the Lord first in our lives everything else falls into place.

We had to drop someone this week. Her name is Twilla. She knows the church is true. She has had many missionaries come over to her house and she has many friends that are members. She lives the live of a Mormon and loves reading from the Book of Mormon. She just has one small problem. She believes in reincanation haha Don't ask me how you can believe in Resurrection and reincanation, but Twilla does. If anyone has any good ideas on that one please let me know. I am still trying to think through it. The more I have thought about it and read about it I believe she really has some other problem. Maybe she doesn't understand the Plan of Salvation or the Atonement...

I followed the spirit :) Well, I try to always haha One night we were visiting less active members and Madline Blakes name came to my mind. We told her we wouldn't visit her until next month. I couldn't just tell God no I don't think we should, so Sister Iwamoto and I stopped by. We got to her house when everyone in her family was about to eat dinner. However she really needed us to stop by and pray for her friend that was about to die. Her friend is really old and Sister Blake wanted us to pray that her friend would pass over to the other side in peace. The Lord truly does have a plan for us, we just need to listen to him.

We had lunch with a wonderful less active Jill Cobb. We are hoping she comes to church next week. We brought are friend Siter Dernback with us. They had some much to talk about. It worked out great. We were able to show her the Restoration DVD and share how we know that the church is true. I love hearing every ones testimonies. The Lord is so great.

The Cate family took us out to dinner at a fun place named Rickies. They are going to take us out to dinner every Wednesday night :) cool huh!! We are teaching their family as a WMP family. They love talking with me about the STG.

We taught Maricel again this week. We taught her the importance of following Christ example. We asked her if she wanted to get baptized. She said she is a sinner and couldn't be baptized. I haven't hear that one yet... But I am still a new missionary. Don't worry we explanned how baptism works. We are going to try to get her a baptism date on our next visit. I am excited to be able to say we have someone on date. I know that she is ready right now to change and follow chirst. We also meet a drunk man infront of her house that said we can come visit him at his house anytime. We are going to send the Elders over to his house. I really don't think it would be good to go see him(Well because I am a sister Missionary you know).

We invited Tessa's family to pray about getting baptized at the end of next month. All I can do is ask... I wish I could do more than just invite. I wish I could teach them so well that they could know. I try and the spirit is there talking to their heart. I just don't think they understand the importance of our church. We have the priesthood of God. We are the true church. Yes the people that go to church are wonderful, but it is the Lord's church that he set up. Their daughter is not happy with us right now. She thinks we are pushing her. We invited all of them to act that is not pushing. If missionaries could really push someone they would push them into the waters of baptism with their hands... only because we understand the importance of it for their salvation. We could push them to read and pray. I do love their family and one day I do believe they will understand everying. They did come to chuch again on Sunday. I was so happy. I love the Lord.

We moved into Sister Donaldson's house. Now when she gets home at night she is not just coming home to her dog Carter. We are watching him until she get back from taking her kids to college. I want to... I love that dog... I do know one thing I am not going to have a dog for a long time once I get off of my mission. We ran with him this morning and I believe it helped him not be so all over the place. I do love the house and have more than everything I need their.

On Sunday this 19 year old young man walked right into out church building from across the street and wanted religion in his life. He has a past, but is ready and willing to change is life. His name is Ben. I almost didn't know what to said to him because I was so happy to be able to teach him. Bro. Elkins helped him understand faith and how we have to act to show are faith. We are meeting with him on Tuesday. Yes he will be baptized. However when I don't know... He is not in our area. We are having him meet with the Elders. They are excited... not fair... I guess the church is still true even if I don't get to teach the people who get baptized. I am becoming a really go seed planter. Someone has to do it.

Love Sister Lusk

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